our approach

One of the reasons The Longo Group stays in close contact with you is to keep ahead of any surprises. When managing complex financial situations, surprises are never good. So we stay in touch to learn about changes with you, your family or your business. Likewise, we keep you informed and up to date on any news or information about the markets, the economy, etc., that might have an impact on your financial plans and circumstances.

We think of our approach as 3 Ps:

Trust is the foundation of our client relationships, and we earn your trust with every interaction by being truly focused on your needs. We offer an empathetic ear, we take your words to heart, and we extend a helping hand on making tough decisions. You can turn to us in confidence for honesty and discretion always.

You can count on us to pick up the phone and to stay in touch. While we enjoy recognizing the milestones in your life, we don’t wait for events just to reach out and say hello. It’s these friendly conversations when we truly get to know you – and you get reassured that your financial affairs are in good hands.

Nothing beats an open face-to-face dialogue with you at your home, your office, or at a place comfortable to you. Of course, our door is always open to welcome you to our office. Additionally, video calls are also an option that has become natural, too. Whatever your communication preference, we emphasize the importance of spending time with you.

This personalized approach both drives our firm’s client-service culture and informs our disciplined planning process, building customized financial roadmaps to help you achieve your long-term objectives.